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Star AdultBabyNursery
for any ABs, diaper lovers, admirers

Group Founder: lewij66
Description: This is a group for any adult babies, diaper lovers, little girls, sissy babies, or people who want to meet them
Group Type: Public join
Members: 97
Category: People > Alternative

Topics (26)

go anyone ever come here anymore? (5) bbygrl
Anyone out there lol

go Wet + messy (9) abdl42
As i luv 2 sit in a wet + dirty nappy just wondered how many babies like to mess as well as wet?

go Il b ur girl, (11) al1ce
Il b ur girl, baby, lil girl, or teen, i wil wear wot i is told and do wot i is told, msg me x

go Baby oil or talc? (5) sticky
Which is better?

go Me me me (2) poohkid
Im a diapee werer an love them but im no an adult im 14 an a gay chuby boy

go Daddy for baby girl (0) baby967
Loving, caring daddy looking for a baby girl

go I am a diaper lover (0) babybil2
I am a diaper lover looking a mommy/girlfriend

go new sissy baby (1) sissyann
Hi my name is anna I am atg ab from texas

go well.. (1) notdone
I dont suppose my last topic went thru. Going to bed in a bit. Still dry.

go hello? (1) notdone
This group isnt very active. Just got home frm work. Watchin tv in my diaper and tshirt

go hello from tennessee (4) notdone
Hi im new to the site and group. My names danielle. Im a 22 year old AB girl from tennessee. Hope to meet some cool people to chat with here

go any girls want changing? (2) konnker
Hello! Any girls want their dirty nappies changed by a kind and gentle 44 yr old? Maybe a bath too if you want. Ill take good care of you. Play nicely now! Or i might have to spank you.

go Southampton? (0) kinkydad
I need an owner.dominant female,big breastd who likes to b maternal

go How did u? (3) babyboyj
How did you become an adultbaby?

go i'm a diaper lover! (15) lewij66
i love wearing big comfy diapers! i also like little girl clothes! how about you?


Polls (1)

go What nappy/diapers do u prefer 2 use.